Carl Wilson Band 1981 Tour

This is the information I have about Carl's touring to support his first album. Any correction to this material to j ti lden at gm ail d ot com is appreciated!

Thanks to S.A. for the initial list, and Jeff Reeves, Michael Panuthos, Judi Smith, J. MacLean, and GlenDavid Malone for providing more information.

The Carl Wilson Band in 1981

Carl Wilson: guitar, lead vocals
John Daly: lead guitar
Gerald Johnson: bass guitar
Alan Krigger: drums
Billy Hinsche: keyboard, guitar
Myrna Smith: backing vocals, some percussion

Carl Wilson Live

Taken from the 4/11/1981 show at My Father's Place. It was apparently simulcast on WLIR-FM, which is why it is of good quality.

My forever thanks to S.A., who provided me with the chance to hear this recording.

Bill McEvoy reports of a cassette recording of Carl's performance from The Bottom Line in NYC. It has the same play list and was taken from a broadcast over WNEW-FM. He says that the copy is not that good because of static on the broadcast.

John Harris has a tape of Carl live at the Agora in Houston. By his report, it's not great quality (taped on a Walkman inside a coat pocket!) and doesn't offer anything different as a set list.

If any other performances from this tour exist, if you attended one of the shows above, or if you know of any other Carl solo performances I would be very interested to hear from you!

Youngblood Touring

Apparently there was no organized tour in support of Carl's second album, but he played at least two dates solo after its release. If you know of more, please let me know of it!

The reputed setlist for CWB dates in 1983 included: What More Can I Say, Givin' You Up, Rockin' All Over the World, What You Do to Me,Youngblood, Too Early to Tell, Time, Hold Me, What You Gonna Do About Me, The Right Lane, and Heaven, Darlin', Long Promised Road, Encore:I Thank You.

Thanks to Ron Fowler and vr daub for helping me with some of this information.

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